Pineto is a small town but above all one of the most popular seaside resorts of the Abruzzo coast. It is named after the characteristic pine forest, close to the sea, that the Filiani family had wanted planted in the early 1900s.

Since 2006, Pineto has been awarded the “European Blue Flag” ecolabel which certifies a high standard of services provided and water quality.

The beach of fine golden sand is perfect for long walks on the shore. The beach of Scerne, in the northern part of the town, offers an alluring alternative: crystal-clear waters wash the shore made of large, rounded pebbles that feel great underfoot.

The beautiful cycle path, carved respectfully through the landscape, is in itself worth a stay in Pineto and its surroundings.

For further information and tips: http://www.visitpineto.it

“Torre del Cerrano” Marine Protected Area

With 7 km of pristine coastline, including a 2.5 km sandy dune, and extending for over three nautical miles into the sea, the area is comprised between the mouth of the Calvano River, which crosses the town of Pineto, and the centre of Silvi, at the correspondence to the sea of the railway station. The MPA has a surface area of about 37 km2 which includes the iconic Torre del Cerrano.

Torre del Cerrano is one of the ancient coastal towers of the Kingdom of Naples and is named after the nearby Cerrano stream. It was built in 1568 on the ruins of an even older tower already restored in 1287.

The area was once the site of the ancient port of Atri: today, it is possible to explore its remains by snorkelling.

Within the Marine Protected Area and more generally, in the entire Cerrano area, the Cerrano guides operate on a daily basis. Through its numerous initiatives, the guides’ association commits to promoting, protecting and enhancing the Cerrano area, in particular its landscape, nature, history, art and architecture.

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WWF Oasis – Regional Nature Reserve “Calanchi di Atri” (Atri’s Ravines)

Calanchi di Atri

The Reserve, established in 1995, contains spectacular forms of erosion. The ravines, also known as Dante’s bolgias or scrimoni, are monumental natural architectures originating from forms of dynamic erosion. From a geological point of view, they were created two million years ago, when the Adriatic Sea reached the slopes of the Gran Sasso and the hilly area was clayey and marly, without any forest cover.

The ravines are an erosive geomorphological phenomenon caused by water, typical of the Mediterranean climate.

For visits / excursions / information / highlights: http://www.riservacalanchidiatri.it


Cattedrale di Atri

Not far from Pineto lies the historic town of Atri, one of the most beautiful and characteristic ancient hamlets of Italy and one of the oldest in Abruzzo.

In this Pre-Roman town, past and present are perfectly merged.

Atri stands on a hill close to the Gran Sasso and enshrines wonderful monuments within its walls.

One of the best examples of Abruzzo architecture is the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta (Cathedral of the Assumption) which dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries and whose cloister houses the Museo Capitolare (Chapter Museum). However, there are not just religious buildings and the streets of Atri are lined by noble mansions and historical monuments: Palazzo dei Duchi Acquaviva (Palace of the Dukes of Acquaviva), also known as Palazzo Ducale, built in the 14th century and nowadays the Town Hall, the Medieval fortress of Capo d’Atri, the remains of the Roman Theatre and the Municipal Theatre, to name just a few.

Atri is one of the oldest and most fascinating art towns in Abruzzo. It stands on a green hill a few kilometres away from the sandy coasts washed by the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso, the most awe-inspiring mountain in central Italy. Its position and its history make Atri unique and special. An authentically historic place, where heritage is protected with pride and passion.

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